MVR Information
   - MVRs for this state are Instant.
   - The cost per MVR is:
      3 Year --> $6.50 plus Softech Service Fee
      5 Year (CDL Only) --> $7.50 plus Softech Service Fee
   - Information needed to order the MVR:
      1) License Number
      2) Last Name
      3) D.O.B.
      4) History
         3 - 3 Year MVR
         5 - 5 Year MVR (for CDL Only)
   - Special Notes

Information Returned On Driver Records:
Personal Information Basic Information Other Information
Name, Address, DL #, DOB, Sex Class, Org. Issued, Expires, Status, CDL Status Suspend lic. for unpaid out-of-state convictions.
Out-of-state convictions shown on DL record.
Out-of-state accidents shown on DL record.
Convictions of out-of-state drivers sent to home state.
Record forwarded to new state upon surrender of license, only upon request.
State does not have a point system
Expiration does NOT reflect on the status
I.D. will NOT return a record

Sample History